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Gyptec has carried out constant technical support work, developing and updating various specification support tools. With the main goal of adding more quality and efficiency to projects, Gyptec has launched its BIM objects library.

The library has been developed for Autodesk REVIT® and is composed of several objects from Gyptec solutions, namely: interior partition walls, wall linings and ceilings.

The digital models of the Gyptec systems cannot only be downloaded here, but are also included in the online platform, Solutions Manager.

For all the information about the objects and how to use them, consult the BIM Library Manual – GYPTEC and watch the video.

All objects include their constituent layers as well as their description and other relevant technical information. The library is compatible with the Autodesk Revit 2018® version or higher.

This is another practical and versatile option that Gyptec provides to help technicians in every detail of the project and decision making, to help improve the quality of the project.

What is BIM?
BIM, which stands for Building Information Modelling, comprises a set of information generated and maintained throughout the life cycle of a building.

With BIM technology, it is possible to digitally create one or more accurate virtual models of a building. The modelling supports the project throughout its phases, allowing for better analysis and control. When completed, these models contain accurate geometry and data required to support all the construction processes and installation phases.

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