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Coating of ceilings, known as suspended ceilings, is increasingly used in all kinds of work, either new or renovation. They are easy to apply, simplify the execution of electrical installations and air conditioning, and have greater aesthetic value.

According to the project and the desired insulation, we can use: simple suspended boards, with the insulation glued to the ceiling or with interposed insulation.
Mark the final position on the side walls with a finishing profile (angle support or fin). Attach and level the profile to the ceiling using, for example, threaded rod pivots. There are other ways for attaching the boards, depending on the support. Apply the boards with staggered joints.
BA13 Board
Ceiling profile
Rod M6
Mineral wool
Name of the system: CEILING 40 BA15A
See all information for the Gyptec systems: Gyptec Solutions Manager



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