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Gyptec Ibérica evaluates its significant environmental aspects and identifies the risks and opportunities associated to its activities according to standards NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 and NP EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Based on this assessment, it plans actions in order to address those risks and formulate strategies to optimize its quality and environmental performance.

The actions developed in 2017 allowed the following improvements to be achieved by area of operation:

   - The presence in several fairs and events allowed to diversify and expand the client portfolio.

Production process:
   - Throughout the year 2017, Gyptec Ibérica verified an increase of production that completely exceeded the objective set in this scope.

Implementation and optimization of the operation of management software:
   - The implementation of maintenance management software provided adequate stock and equipment inventory management, as well as inventorying production sectors and planning maintenance activities, both preventive and corrective, in a more efficient and profitable way.

  - The adoption of several mechanical measures allowed to optimize the valorization of nonconforming product by incorporation into the production process, leading to several associated environmental advantages.

Increased competence of human resources:
  - In order to measure individual and team contribution to the company's strategic objectives, the personal development and behavioral skills of each employee were evaluated. This evaluation allowed to identify opportunities / skills gaps and to promote the development of employees in accordance with the objectives of the organization.

Increased internal communication:
  - Several ways of promoting communication within the organization were developed, namely through the implementation of a knowledge management platform, which provides relevant documentation and a Forum for the participation of all employees. An internal Newsletter was also implemented, with a biannual edition, in which relevant topics related to the organization and to the interested parties were disseminated.

In 2017 we increased by about 60% the linear meters of planted tree curtain.

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