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The laminated gypsum boards, also known as plasterboards, are a product which is increasingly used in the construction of interior partition walls and for coating and insulation of walls and ceilings.

Resistant and Safe

They are a non-combustible material, resistant to fire and impacts, and free from harmful substances.

Its use helps to create a healthy atmosphere and greater thermal and acoustic comfort inside buildings. It enables all kinds of finishing reflecting a perfect finish without cracking or deformations

Efficient and Affordable

In the construction or rehabilitation of buildings, the adoption of the most appropriate solutions is a key factor for good energy efficiency.
Apart from the savings in labour, the application of value-added Gyptec boards significantly reduces energy requirements for heating and cooling buildings, thus reducing the consequent energy consumption and costs.

Effective and Versatile

The dry construction system is a fast, clean, economical and environmentally sustainable method for modernizing buildings.

Gyptec laminated plasterboards are certified and internationally recognized for their excellent quality.

They are the ideal solution both for new construction and for rehabilitation.

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