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Gyptec’s fillers and adhesives are suitable for all types of dry work indoors, such as partition walls, masonry cladding, suspended ceilings, lighting trusses and other decorative elements.

Gyptec has a wide range of fillers. In addition to the GR2, GR4, GS24 fillers and GA glue, Gyptec offers Aguaplack Quick Joint Hydrophobic, the new filler especially developed for use in building systems with Gyptec Protect plasterboards.

Joint Filler GR2, GR4, GS24

Treatment of joints in between all types of laminated plasterboards, bonding bands and finishing coats.
Drying times: Approximately 2 hours, 4 hours and 24 hours respectively.

GA Adhesive Glue

For fixing plasterboards, joint filling, and small imperfections.
Fast drying product.

Beissier Aguaplack Hydrophobic Quick Joint

Filler especially suitable for use in with Gyptec Protect plasterboard construction systems. Ideal for damp areas and zones occasionally exposed to water.
Outdoors, it can be applied in protected areas such as balcony ceilings, entrance ceilings, etc.
Quick setting, mixed use and low water absorption (class H1) filler for plasterboard joints.
Drying times: Approximately 1 hour.

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