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All-in-one multi-function board

Laminated gypsum board reinforced with fiberglass to improve fire resistance, with greater density and resistance to impact and bending, with water repellent additives to decrease water absorption. Suitable for all interior systems with higher capacity load characteristics, fire and humidity resistance.

Width (mm): 1200
Thickness (mm): 12,5 / 15
Length (mm): 2000 / 2500


Quality and Versatility

Excellent product from the range of Gyptec solutions, combines multiple benefits of the various types of boards, allowing to solve all the needs of a project using only one board. In addition to providing better performance in areas of moderate humidity and fire resistance, Gold Plasterboard has higher density and impact resistance suitable for areas with high affluence, such as schools, gyms, shopping centers or hotels.

All type of interior dry construction, such as: partition walls, interior lining and suspended ceilings. Recommended for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Can be used as a base for tiling.

The winning board

Covers all indoor needs

Moisture resistant

High hardness

Fire resistant

High acoustic performance

Length (± 0,5 mm)12,515
Thickness (+ 0/-5 mm)2000/25002000/2500
Width (+ 0/-4 mm)12001200
Weight (± 5% kg/m²)10,8212,92
Density (kg/m³)866861
Flexural strength (N) ≥ Longitudinal/ Transverse725/300870/360
Reaction to fireA2-s1, d0A2-s1, d0
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