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Gyptec Protect is coated with a distinctive fibreglass mat instead of traditional paper, which provides excellent resistance to moisture and an A1 classification to fire.

Width (mm): 1200
Thickness (mm): 12,5
Length (mm): 2400


The Gyptec Protect plasterboard ensures maximum protection for sensitive areas with specific requirements and for which the use of traditional gypsum board is not advisable, namely areas that require high resistance to fire and humidity, as well as those areas with occasional exposure to water.

Where is it applied?

Kitchens, locker rooms, showers, pools, spa, toilets and areas with high demand for resistance to moisture and fire.

Balconies, porches, overhangs, very damp areas and those with occasional exposure to water.


High resistance to moisture

The best protection for humid and wet areas. Avoids the growth and the spreading of mould.


With higher performance in works.


Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire.

Sustainable solution

Can be recycled. Reduction of waste and installation costs.

High thermal and acoustic performance

For greater energy saving and protection against noise.

Ready to be decorated

Surface ready to receive different types of finishes, such as paint and tiles.

High resistance

Durable and robust. Significantly more resistant than traditional plasterboard.

Easy to work with

Easier to cut and faster to install than traditional cement boards.

Length (± 0,5 mm)12,5
Thickness (+ 0/-5 mm)2400
Width (+ 0/-4 mm)1200
Weight (± 5% kg/m²)11
Density (kg/m³)880
Flexural strength (N) ≥ Longitudinal/ Transverse725/300
Reaction to FireNon-Combustible
Euroclass A1

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