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Pioneer in Portugal in the production of gypsum boards, Gyptec Ibérica has the advantage of being part of a Portuguese group that includes several companies that produce construction materials: Grupo Preceram.

This particularity, as well as the various partnerships it has established, allows Gyptec to be at the forefront in the development of integrated solutions for the construction and rehabilitation market, Gyptec gypsum boards being an essential presence in the main works of the last years, in the Iberian Peninsula.

Proven Quality

Produced using environmentally friendly raw materials and sustainable methods, Gyptec gypsum boards are recognized with the [N] AENOR brand of product, which is a mark of conformity applied by a recognized entity stating that the product, gypsum plaster complies with the requirements or specifications established by the EN 520.

Gyptec gypsum boards non-combustible material, resistant to fire and impacts, and free from harmful substances. And ensures a healthy indoor environment.

Interior Air Quality

Gyptec gypsum boards are rated A+ for indoor air quality.

This qualification comes from the French regulations for emissions of volatile pollutants, with Category A+ being the best indoor air quality classification, meaning very low or no emissions of substances in indoor air, such as VOCs (volatile organic compound).

Internal Structure

In the production process, Gyptec Ibérica uses the most recent and advanced technology in the manufacture of plasterboard. With the implementation of an internal honeycomb structure, it was possible to achieve enormous benefits in terms of durability and resistance.

Consequently, Gyptec Ibérica is the only Portuguese company to produce gypsum boards with a high thermal and acoustic performance, namely:

  • Substantial reduction of the weight of gypsum board;
  • Considerable decrease in thermal conductivity;
  • Increased mechanical resistance;
  • Increased durability of gypsum board.

The lower density, combined with the alveolar structure of the gypsum board, gives it benefits related to product durability and strength.

The use of Gyptec gypsum board systems, well designed and executed, contributes to the safety, health and comfort of building users.

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