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The European manufacturers of gypsum products, Eurogypsum, aims to ensure the sustainable growth of the market, while contributing to the quality of construction and environmental sustainability.

The members of this European association are committed to using only 100% recyclable products and to the development of higher value-added solutions.  
Eurogypsum - Levels of quality in finishing    
  This document describes four levels of joints and surface finishing with gypsum boards, before applying the final decoration. The classification of the quality level in wall surfaces and ceilings varies with the final decoration to be applied, and may also depend on its location within a building and the type of lighting.
Eurogypsum - Plaster and Plasterboard    
  Presentation of the European plaster industry and its contribution to sustainable construction in Europe. Architects, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers and installers give their opinions on this material, considered traditional and at the same time innovative for the construction of sustainable buildings.
Eurogypsum - Increasing Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Internal Insulation    
  Interior insulation techniques are part of the package of solutions for energy savings and sustainable growth. This report shows the application of the principles of sustainable construction: reduce, reuse and recycle resources; protect nature in all activities.
More information on the official Eurogypsum website at:



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