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The Gyptec partition and wall systems consists of laminated plasterboards bolted to steel profiles. According to the envisaged final thickness and desired insulation characteristics the most suitable type of system to be employed can be chosen: simple with higher fire resistance, with or without insulation.

In areas of greater demand, more complex systems are used, with reinforced structure and double or triple boards.
Cover the 'U' Studs with acoustic tape and secure them to the floor and ceiling. Make sure they are aligned. Do likewise with the side 'C' Studs. Fit the intermediate 'C' Studs with the recommended spacing (400 or 600 mm). Attach the boards on one side of the wall with PM screws and apply the insulation. Screw the boards on the opposite side. If it is a dual board solution, secure with staggered joints.
BA13 Board
'C' Stud 70
Mineral wool
'U' Stud 70
Acoustic tape
Name of system: DOUBLE PARTITION 220 BA13A
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