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Conciliate progress and economic growth with an appropriate preservation and protection of the environment is one of the main business purposes of Gyptec Ibérica – Gessos Técnicos, S.A. It is therefore concerned to ensure the highest level of satisfaction of all interested parties, based on a “green economy”, rational and efficient in the use of natural resources.
To ensure compliance with this purpose, the organization has developed the following guidelines:

1. Comply with customer requirements in order to promote their satisfaction and exceed their expectations, always respecting and promoting the protection of the Environment and social responsibility;

2. Comply with applicable laws and regulations on Quality and Environment, as well as other subscribed compliance obligations, relating to its products and services, environmental aspects and impacts;

3. Promote continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System by reviewing the established goals and the adequacy of the organization’s context, of the interested parties and of the risks and opportunities inherent to its activity, improving the production process and periodically evaluating its aspects and significant environmental impacts, on a life-cycle perspective and taking into account future activities to develop;

4. Train, inform and sensitize employees to care about the Environment and Quality in the tasks they perform, always acting in a conscious, ethical and responsible manner;

5. Prevent pollution by implementing good environmental management practices, with emphasis on a careful management of waste, favoring reduction, reuse and recycling, and the preservation of natural resources;

6. Maintain and strengthen its market position through the high quality and innovation of its products, technical support and compliance with deadlines, thereby addressing the market competition with confidence, openness and determination to differentiate itself from the competitors in a positive way;

7. Promote and communicate this Policy with the interested parties as appropriate, with all employees, as well as with subcontractors, in order to comply with the Quality and Environment requirements of Gyptec Ibérica – Gessos Técnicos, S.A.

The Administration of Gyptec Ibérica – Gessos Técnicos, S.A. undertakes to periodically review this Integrated System Policy, which is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated as appropriate, in order to guarantee its effectiveness.

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