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Gyptec is recognised and referenced for its good environmental practices. Environmentally friendly raw materials and non-polluting, environmentally and economically sustainable methods are used in the manufacture of Gyptec plasterboards.

Gyptec is a Premium Partner of the Sustainable Construction Portal, and its plasterboards have a sustainability certificate. The Sustainable Construction Portal awarded Gyptec plasterboards and Gypcork board the Sustainable Value label in accordance with 9 of its 10 criteria.

Gyptec plasterboards and Gypcork board comply with the principles of the Portal, contributing decisively to the sustainability of construction in Portugal.

The PCS certificate acknowledges Gyptec as a supplier of sustainable solutions, by seeking and implementing eco-efficient practices and technologies to reconcile its growth with environmental protection.

  • Resource consumption criterion
  • Reuse and recycling criteria
  • Raw material extraction criteria
  • Product composition criterion
  • Embodied energy criterion
  • Criterion of the origin of the product, or of the materials that compose it
  • Criterion of harmlessness to human health
  • Durability or maintenance criterion
  • Certification criteria

Sustainable Value®

Eco-label based on the ISO 14024 standard – type I environmental certifications. It was created by the Sustainable Construction Portal in 2021 and aims to encourage the demand and supply of products that cause less disturbance to the environment, through the communication of precise information about the environmental aspects of products, thus stimulating the potential for continuous environmental improvement oriented towards the best options available on the market. It is voluntary, based on multiple criteria, which authorizes the use of environmental labels on products indicating their global environmental preference, within a category of products, which also consider their life cycle.

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