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Gyptec Ibérica actively contributes towards sustainable development by seeking and using eco-efficient practices and technologies, combining its growth with environmental protection.

Use of FGD (flue gas desulfurization);  
Use shipping or rail transports;
Selective collection of board leftovers;
Manufacture of products with higher added value: thermal, acoustic and fire;
Concern for safe handling (labelling, standards manual).

    It uses as raw materials: recycled paper and FGD gypsum (thermoelectric power plants of Sines and Pego).   Gyptec promotes selective collection of leftover boards, recycling and reintegrating them back into production.
The transport method, according to an intermodal scheme of railways plus roadways, contributes to the sustainability of the sector and was recognized as "Case of Excellence for Environmental Best Practices".
The company seeks sustainability at all levels, whether economic, social or environmental. With the use of raw materials such as recycled paper and FGD gypsum, a by-product of power plants in Portugal, Gyptec Ibérica avoids the mining of gypsum, thus contributing to the preservation of natural resources.



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