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Gyptec Ibérica actively contributes towards sustainable development by seeking and using eco-efficient practices and technologies, combining its growth with environmental protection.

  • Use of FGD (flue gas desulfurization);
  • Use shipping or rail transports;
  • Selective collection of board leftovers;
  • Manufacture of products with higher added value: thermal, acoustic and fire;
  • Concern for safe handling (labelling, standards manual).

Investing in Sustainability

The company seeks sustainability at all levels, be it in economic, environmental or social terms. It takes advantage of the energy consumed by producing electricity in a cogeneration regime, whereby all the output is destined for export or to replace imports.

Collect, Recycle and Reintegrate

The production of Gyptec plasterboards is an example of a circular economy. Gyptec uses recycled paper and FGD plasterboards as raw materials, and also promotes the selective collection of plasterboard remains, recycling and reintegrating them into the production process.

The Circular Economy is a regenerative economic model in which resources are managed in order to preserve their value for as long as possible, integrating end-of-life products into new processes.

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