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The Technical Handbook for the Installation of Plasterboard Systems provides the necessary basics and recommendations for drawing up a rigorous project and for the correct application and handling of GYPTEC plasterboards.

This is a complete and detailed document on techniques and good practices in dry construction, which can be used to help technicians and installers, both at the design and construction stages.

The manual is made up of extensive technical information:

  • Description of the system components;
  • Transport, handling and storage;
  • Laminated plasterboard building systems;
  • Laboratory tests;
  • Assembly recommendations;
  • Treatment of joints;
  • Tolerances (Quality and Performance);
  • Finishes (Levels);
  • Suspension of loads.

Through this manual Gyptec intends to ensure that the plasterboard systems obtain their best performance. The goal is to make the best use of these systems, endowing them with the necessary characteristics to ensure that structural, functional and aesthetic demands are met.

This work is a joint effort by: ITeCons – Institute for Research and Technological Development in Construction Sciences and Gyptec Ibérica – Gessos Técnicos S.A.

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