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Coating the inside of exterior walls is one of the most practical and efficient ways to recover existing buildings, or as a root solution for new projects. Which system to recommend depends on the conditions of the wall and on the intended insulation.

Gyptec boards (simple or insulated) can be directly glued with GA adhesive glue, or applied with a metal support structure.
Application with profiles:
An auxiliary wall-mounted or freestanding structure can be used. Cover the 'U' Studs with acoustic tape and secure them to the floor and ceiling. Make sure they are aligned. Do likewise with the side 'C' Studs. Fit the intermediate 'C' Studs with the recommended spacing (400 or 600 mm). Attach the boards to the profiles.
BA15 Board
'C' Stud 48
Mineral wool
'U' Stud 48
Acoustic tape
Brick 15
Name of the system: WALL TCF15+ 63 BA15A
See all information for the Gyptec systems: Gyptec Solutions Manager



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